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The voice studio of Ilana Lubitsch is committed to providing healthy, age appropriate vocal instruction to both adult students and young students 15 years of age and older.  Ilana's teaching is based on the traditional bel canto technique of classical singing.  She believes firmly that a strong classical technique provides singers with the tools to approach all genres of music with confidence and longevity in their singing.

Lessons will focus on proper breath support for singing, resonance and placement of the voice, vocal anatomy, diction, performance practice, expression, and building self-esteem.  Students will learn to understand that singing is about self-expression and confidence, in addition to creating a beautiful sound.  Students will benefit from increased body awareness, understanding of breath management, balanced phonation, tuned resonance, and an ability to expand their expressive palettes and vocal artistry.

Ilana currently holds the position of adjunct professor of voice at Davidson College in Davidson, NC.  She also maintains her private studio, as she has for the past 17 years, and is a teacher with the Opera Carolina Academy.  She loves working with students of all ages but her specialty lies with young adults at the beginning of their musical journey.  She prides herself in her unique ability to relate to younger singers, helping them to build a solid foundation for healthy vocal production as they mature and prepare for college and graduate school.  Many of her students are studying under full scholarships at schools in the US and abroad.


Ilana Lubitsch

V O I C E  S T U D I O

Ilana Lubitsch Dorfman
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